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(PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) GTR3 community forums | SimBin Studios

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    I'm playing Race Pro at the moment and I'm hoping for more Simbin on the 360. I can tell it was just a quick port just to see if there was interest, but I think it's obvious that people were put off by how dated it was, not by the content or gameplay. After all the disappointment of the console racers recently (Shift, GT5, Forza, Grid), I'm sure the Simbin style would be well received if it looked decent and cleaner than RP. Even the controller works really well, it's precise and responsive....

    Is the crowd in favor of console versions of GTR3?

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  • 12/30/14--06:16: Stayin alive!
  • Bee gees: this topic must stay alive! Im still hoping! That glass is half full :)
    GeeteeRThreee, where r u?

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  • 07/19/16--10:25: I have hope

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    I would love this game, if it would become reality. Now SimBin is back, so we can hope for a GTR3:D
    But hopefully it´s not become a console exclusive game, because they mentioned something like this:thumbsdown:. When GTR2 was released back in 2005, I was only 5 years old, so I don´t played this game a lot. But in this few hours, I really fell...

    Maybe we can still hope for a GTR3

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    View attachment 170511
    During our recent visit to Simbin Studios UK, Studio Head Allan Speed has confirmed the first project due for release by the relaunched group will be a return of the glorious GTR franchise for Windows PC, Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

    Utilising the powerful Unreal 4 game engine, Simbin plan to launch GTR3 in 2018 in a multi platform deal for both PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. News that the first new game from Simbin since 2010 will be the...

    GTR 3 by SimBin Coming in 2018

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    View attachment 171192
    Yet more racing images from Unreal 4 engine released by Simbin Studios following the recent GTR 3 reveal.

    On the off chance you've been living under a rock these past few days you may have missed our big GTR 3 reveal recently. Following the overwhelming positive reaction to that news, Simbin UK have released a few more mouth watering images from the new graphics...

    More Unreal 4 Simbin In Game GTR 3 Shots Released

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    One of the things I have been missing in racing sims is the ability to walk around the pit, paddock, wherever and move objects around (tools, wrenches, other people :D etc).

    Since GTR3 is now being developed with the Unreal engine and most major shooters use this engine as well. Will this now finally be the time that simulated motorsports goes to the next level?

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    Well these kinds of threads never get boring so why the devil not eh?

    Things I would really love to see in the new GTR game (in no particular order):

    • Full series licence - all the cars, all the tracks, all the rules.
    • Proper race weekend schedule (opportunity to set multiple practice sessions to my desired length, quali and race rules etc).
    • Day to night transition.
    • Dynamic weather.
    • Weight penalties (if applicable)
    • Reverse grids / 2 or 3 race formats (again if...

    Things I really want to see in GTR 3

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    View attachment 173136
    RaceDepartment talk to the new SimBin Studios team about the upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC racer GTR3.

    As you all well know RaceDepartment recently had a conversation with the newly reformed SimBin Studios UK development team, where we sat down and discussed the future of the studio, what they have in store for gamers going forward and a few things in between.

    Without doubt one of the highlights of the recent visit was the breaking...

    GTR3 Interview with Simbin UK

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  • 07/21/17--03:05: Any Updates
  • Hi guys.

    Just wondering if there have been any updates on GTR3?

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    ....I will be one happy boy!

    I bought GTR2 on steam yesterday and had a mission trying to get it working, but after a number of re-installs and tinkering I finally got it running. My god what a sim this was.

    I haven't played for nearly 10 years and it is still better than anything I have played since. Granted I still haven't had a go on AC or PCars yet but I have not had as much fun as I have just now racing 2005 GT cars at Monza.

    In my opinion you can't beat a fully licensed game with...

    If GTR 3 is even 90% as good as GTR 2 then...

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    When the RACE series came out there was a lot of complaining about Steam. Previous titles as GTR, GT Legends and GTR 2 were sold mainly via stores as a boxed version. After some time the storm passed and people saw that Steam wasn't so bad afterall (especially easy reinstalling) with exception of the very slow loading of the game compared to titles such as DiRT2 that fire up in a second.

    How would you like to purchase your next game?
    - A boxed version
    - Via Steam
    - Via digital download

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    Peeps say there is no difference between a console game and a PC. Other peeps swear by PC only games (me). How about u? Is it a good thing S3...ehm Simbin, is releasing the game on both platforms?

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